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Preparing your annual financial statements

All companies are required to produce their annual financial statements at least once a year. The preparation of these financial statements and accounting and tax documents can be done in-house or be outsourced due to the complexity of the work and/or the small size of the company.

We handle all accounting management for your company in our offices. All you have to do is send your accounting documents through our secure, dedicated client area. Recording your ongoing transactions, filing supporting documents, providing detailed statements, preparing periodic tax returns…everything is done with the competence and care of a big accounting firm.

Professionals answer all your questions and give you their advice after preparing your financial statements.

Striving to promote a modern, dynamic image, we offer 100% digital solutions (collection of bank flows, OCR processing of invoices, online working file, etc.) to save you time and allow you to manage your accounting almost in real time.

We can offer you management indicators for your activity directly on your smartphone or tablet every month.

Anticipating, reacting in time with relevant information, and monitoring targeted economic, financial, and social indicators are essential to managing a very small company or SME, our teams of specialists support you to implement suitable, understandable management tools that are easily exploitable while giving particular attention to your particular sector with an analysis of ratios (benchmark)


We assist you in exceptional and unforeseen periods to provide you with quality work.
During this period ranging from a few days to several months, we provide our flexibility and skills during the following events:

Temporary or prolonged absence of the CFO, chief accountant, management controller, or an employee within the financial and accounting department.
Temporary increase in activity related to the annual financial statement closing period.

Occurrence of a restructuring within the group or a legal operation concerning the company requiring particular technical skills.
We also assist you for short periods and for specific requests. The main requests are:

-Occasional assistance of a technical expert for a specific task,

In each of these various missions, we can provide a regular report detailing the work performed and areas for possible improvements.


All developing companies face the same issue of discovering areas of risk related to their growth, particularly in terms of internal procedure control.

We can support you during the various phases of discussion, development, application, and improvement of internal control procedures within your entity. (Separation of duties, internal control over accounting and financial functions, establishment of thresholds, internal control on the establishment of delegations, etc.)


Your acquisition or disposal projects benefit from all our expertise essential for this type of operation, such as: