CPA ADVISORY supports its clients in their pre-litigation and litigation strategies.

Outside the conflict, we strive to identify the real root causes of a dispute necessary for the establishment of appropriate strategies. As a private expert of parties, we deploy technical arguments firmly rooting the facts and their presentation in legal demonstrations deployed by lawyers.

Convinced of the prominent position of the human dimension, we also work to alleviate resentments by proposing negotiated mediation, arbitration, or conciliation solutions.


CPA ADVISORY provides a complete solution for companies in financial difficulties. Whether the crisis is actual or potential, we act to clarify the real situation of companies, quantify their funding needs, and implement solutions tailored to their turnaround.

In these situations of tensions or crises, we support leaders and official receivers to prevent or contain the difficulties encountered in performing their respective functions.


CPA ADVISORY offers various valuation tasks. As part of legal tasks, we perform contribution and merger auditing work. Appointed by unanimous decision of the shareholders, we guarantee the protection of the interests of the stakeholders who are stakeholders in these transactions on securities.

Backed by our experience and know-how, we perform various contractual valuation operations. We thus deploy simple or complex modelling tools to value businesses, intangible assets, or financial instruments.